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Scissor Security Gates

An economical solution to after hours security, Top Track Storefront Security Gates (also commonly referred to as Lazy Tong and Scissor Gates) provide stress-free storefront protection from smash and grabs and casual break-ins.

IEP’s Top Track Storefront Security Gates allow the gate to be hung much like a curtain across any span — so they always remain within the track. This type of track gate is recommended for storefront openings over 20 feet wide and can be used to secure openings spanning several hundred feet.

A top track gate can be used with optional “L” brackets as well as utilize optional “pin” rails — and set into the floor like a standard Dock Door Gate. If the pin rails are not used, the gate is essentially suspended from the top rail. For all Top Track Storefront Security Gate configurations, there is a loss in height of about 6” as the gate is expanded. There will always be a 6” gap between the top of the gate and below the top track.


Weight Varies By Size
Dimensions Varies By Size
Channel 3/8″ x 3/4″, 14 Gauge Galvanized U Channel
Frame 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″, 12 Gauge Angle Iron, Zinc Plated
Rivets 3/16″ x 1/2″ Steel, Zinc Plated
Trolley 2″ Dia Steel Wheels, Zinc Plated
Top Track 2″ x 2 3/8
Lock Systems  3/16″ Hasp For Padlock
Standard Mounting Bkt 2-1/2″ x 7″ Steel “L” Bracket, Zinc Plated


Both Top Track and Bottom Track Security Gates can be locked together as a pair in multiple spots along the entire span of a store front opening. Find out the difference between these two types of gates.

Also, check our Storefront Gate Comparison chart for more guidance on how to pick the right gate for the right application.